Category: The 97%

What is up with the 97%?

Let’s see if we can’t shed some light on this topic.

The Public Hospital District receives approximately 6.08% of the total revenue collected from our SJC Tax Levies for an estimated $2.45M. 3.84% of that once went to IIMC and now goes to PIMC. 2.24% goes to EMS.

Of the portion that goes toward PIMC approximately 3% goes toward the running of the PHD Board and, per our subsidy agreement, the remaining “97%” has been designated exclusively for the provision of charitable healthcare services, emergency department services and physician services at PeaceHealth. Descriptions of these are laid out in the 1st Amendment-Subsidy-Agreement and PIMC-Subsidy-Agreement-Contract.

The specificity of the revenue allocation was intentional. The purpose was to clearly indicate that our tax dollars are not, in fact going to support any religious activities. Instead they are being poured back into our community via the services described. This 97% has been referred to in ways that make it seem like a Catholic slush fund and consequently a violation of the separation of church and state. That is simply not the case.

In addition, these funds generated by tax levies account for only about 10% of the PIMC budget.