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Death with Dignity

Because of the way this issue has been presented in the election, would it surprise you to know:

  • Peace Health is not out of compliance with Washington State law regarding this Act
  • Death with Dignity was not performed at Inter-Island Medical Center
  • The IIMC physicians decided on their own not to participate in this Act, long before Peace Health came on the scene.
  • The law does not require hospitals or physicians to participate in Death with Dignity (e.g Overlake Hospital, a non-religious hospital in Bellevue, WA does not participate )
  • Death with Dignity only very, very rarely occurs in a hospital setting
  • Placing the burden of Death with Dignity on Peace Health is completely unnecessary and cannot be justified.  a) They have a right to their conscience and B) the Hospital District can find other avenues to Death with Dignity for patients. That is more their role as a PHD. For example, does San Juan Health Care offer this or our local Hospice?
  • Currently, Peace Health would refer patients interested in DWD to the Washington Sate Hospital Association or the Washington Department of Health.
  • If the Hospital District was to present our community with a resource like the Healthcare Ombudsman Jenny Ledford has proposed, it would provide a local advocate entity to which Peace Health could refer patients.
  • Peace Health encourages patients to have Advanced Directives with the intention to honor them, as long they do not contradict with hospital ethics.
  • “Robb Miller, Executive Director of Compassion and Choices, who has worked with PeaceHealth on implementation of the the Death with Dignity initiative, relaxed a little of the tension in the room by saying that he’s worked very well with PeaceHealth. ‘Much better than with other Catholic Hospitals in Seattle,’ Miller said, adding, ‘I want to say that Peace Health has always kept its end of any bargain. Our negotiations about information and referrals have always been honorable and honest.”

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