Who is writing this blog anyway?

The anonymity behind the blog was not borne out of sinister intent and I am very sorry for the suspicion that this has created. Our family took out the 1/4 page ad in the San Juan Journal last week (10/21) advertising the blog, and it reads “paid for by the Holt Family” which I expected readers would associate with the blog.(In case you are wondering, yes, it was scary to put our name out there solo!)

We paid for that ad with our own hard earned dollars and it was not in affiliation with any candidate. We have lived on this island 17 years, we are raising 4 children here, we have a blue collar family business and we are very involved in our community. For perspective, we do not have traditional health insurance and we are private pay. We receive care at PIMC and San Juan Healthcare. We believe so strongly about this election that we are willing to put our money and our name on the line. We love and respect all of our neighbors — even the ones that don’t agree with us.

I absolutely did not want to create the blog nor give up the dollars to pay for an ad. However, after attending the forums and reading the advertised candidate materials, my husband and I were frustrated. Many pertinent facts that will matter to voters are being left out of the conversation. Candidate statements are going unchecked and many of them are misleading — either lacking context or prompting voters to arrive at inaccurate conclusions. It simply is not right and it became impossible to just sit by and watch it happen.

I am a mere mortal. The blog is not entirely comprehensive, nor is it perfect in every regard. I did not have the time research every candidate and issue as thoroughly as I would have liked. Instead, I focus on what I believe are important areas that have been overlooked: The litigious history/tendencies of one candidate, considering Death with Dignity and women’s healthcare issues in the context of our community, and exploring candidate conflicts of interest. The blog examines other topics and provides many voter/candidate links all in one place for ease of comparison. I have tried to be objective and provide links to primary source documents. I do pose questions related to the information presented. I did not intend for the blog to be slanted toward any one candidate, but it became obvious where was the biggest gap between information presented and not presented for voter consumption. The blog does not endorse or promote any candidate.

I stayed up more than 48 hours straight to create the blog and carefully present the facts I researched. You must know I had no partisan or sinister motives, only to provide relevant information for the benefit of our voters. Our family believes your family deserves that.

Very Sincerely Believing the Best about our amazing community,

Koshi Holt

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