Editorial Sunshine

It’s no secret we are a very diverse community – especially politically!  But, who can deny that we are also a very special community? Even with our differences, we care deeply for one another and never fail to come together when needed.  This is one of those times when we definitely need to come together. As I collected the materials for this blog, an overarching theme emerged. The choices became surprisingly clear. Are we going to believe the best about our neighbor and stand together to address what must be done? Or are we going to let outside special interest groups come in and foist their objectives on us? There are serious issues on the table and we are a passionate group! But we are also intelligent and innovative! We are creative and determined! We the people of San Juan County are capable of addressing the issues on the table. Don’t let our community be exploited by those who would welcome an impending “legal storm” to further their own purposes.That’s not what we’re about.

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