Women’s Healthcare Issues

Based on the way the women’s issues have been presented by the candidates, (similar to Death with Dignity) would it surprise you to know:

  • At this time, implying that Peace Health is violating the law in this matter is purely opinion!
  • IIMC did not offer abortion services. IIMC doctors decided for themselves they would not provide this service.
  • Peace Health complies with the Affordable Healthcare Act, as far as women’s healthcare issues are concerned, as far as what is considered primary care. Patients can have STD testing at PIMC, women can obtain birth control, and no one will be denied services based on ability to pay. 
  • In addition, we do already have Planned Parenthood in this community, an organization who desires to provide this type of healthcare.
  • It is very, very rare for small rural hospitals like ours to offer any kind of abortion, let alone elective abortions. Very typically, the demographics do not support the infrastructure necessary to offer that kind of procedure.
  • “Peace Health announced that abortions will not be provided…Exceptions are provided, according to Peach Health documents, ‘when a woman’s life is in danger or in the case of an imminently lethal fetal anomaly.’ Emergency contraception (“Plan B”) will be offered in cases of sexual assault. Vasectomies and tubal ligations are performed ‘when it is determined that such a procedure is medically indicated.’  http://www.sanjuanjournal.com/news/170588536.html
  • When the Washington State Attorney General wrote an opinion for Kevin Ranker, Monica Harrington and the Coalition for Healthcare Transparency regarding the definition of “maternity care”, he chose not to opine as to what would constitute “substantially equivalent benefits, services or information”, about how a PHD might comply with an obligation to provide them, or whether the PHD could meet any lawful obligations through a provider in the district other than the PIMC. He also states that “Nothing in I-20 requires that a public hospital district provide maternity care benefits, services, or information to women.”  AG Opinion
  • The Attorney General’s Opinion leaves room that if the community determines it wants or needs certain services, it is not necessarily incumbent upon the hospital to provide said services. It may be another provider within the Hospital District, in this context Planned Parenthood or possibly San Juan Healthcare, that may provide the service.

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