Plans already in motion…

The comments of some candidates in this election seem to demonstrate a lack of good faith toward the current SJCHD Board. Whether it be the constant call for greater oversight of our tax dollars, or over the EMS budget – it implies what exactly about the current Board?

Or comments like, “I believe I know WHY the public hospital district commissioners on SJI have done what they’ve done. They don’t believe they should have to follow the RPA, and in order to avoid having to follow it, they’ve made up this absurd fiction that it’s somehow reasonable to claim publicly that while they subsidize services for anyone who is NOT pregnant, they deny services to pregnant women. It’s absurd, bordering on crazy…”

Let’s not forget the hard work a very diverse group of individuals came together to do in bringing up the Hospital here to SJI. And their work for us has continued. You can review their agendas and minutes here at, but let’s also touch on a 2 things that have come up repeatedly in the election rhetoric.

Let it be known Urgent Care has already been on the radar of the PHD Board and Hospital Board!

Did you know each of our 4 PIMC physicians leaves 4 open appointments each day for urgent care? That’s 16 appointments total each day between the hours of 8am and 6pm.

In addition, the Hospital Board has hired a 5th practitioner, a Physician’s Assistant. This individual will be purposefully positioned at the clinic and the hospital to further mitigate the Urgent Care vs. Emergency Department dilemma.

With regard to oversight of the EMS, it should be noted that this group has been working diligently to reduce their budget, including the assumption of an 8% pay cut! In light of the last levy failure, the Hospital District sought out expertise in evaluating our EMS, it’s leadership, it’s structure, etc. Based on the findings, the SJCPHD Board and EMS have been working to improve this service to our community.

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