Peace Health’s Goodwill toward Us

  • Did you know Peace Health agreed to partner with SJC when no other providers would? In addition to Peace Health, the Community Hospital Committee had approached UW, Virginia Mason, Swedish, Providence and Island Hospital, all without success. IIMC was struggling and did not have capital to invest in this Hospital venture. Read how Peace Health assumed the disproportionate burden, both fiscally and logistically.  PIMC-Subsidy-Agreement-Contract and also download the Peace Health brochure at
  • Did you know that Peace Health has brought more than 40 new jobs to our community?
  • That Peace Health has save 8,000 off island trips?
  • Has decreased costly emergency medical evacuations by 45%?
  • Did you know that Peace Health has committed to treat the patients in our community regardless of their ability to pay?
  • That PIMC offers all the same services IIMC did, but also so many more?
  • This partnership is only 3 years old! Yes, there is still much to be done, but let’s remember we already have a lot to be thankful for!

PeaceHealthIsland Nondiscrimination

PeaceHealthIsland Admissions

PeaceHealth2013 Financial Assistance

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